Hello I am Lego Sad Clown

And This is my Sad Web Page

This is a web page that I'm making to share a little bit about my world, and my friends on the toy shelf. Well I say I'm making it, my owner is helping me alot. You see, he'd describe himself as a cross between a web geek and a Digital Handyman. He has an interest in photography, web design, and the various uses of Social Media.

But Personnally I think that just means he spends too much time online.

Thats enough about him, heres some information about my world.

My List of Other Lego People on The Toy Shelf, and Do they Like me

NameDoes He Like me?
Lego DalekNah
Stormtrooper BobMaybe
Lego SantaYES!!!!!

List of things and people that make me happy

  1. Santa!
  2. When Stormtrooper Bob smiles
  3. When you smile.

List of Things I've seen my owner done.

Heres a movie my owner found that seems to focus on me a little bit:

Want to see some pictures of me and others from around here?

Find my owner on Twitter.